All you want to know about Gumusluk, Bodrum

All you want to know about Gumusluk, Bodrum

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Important Phone Numbers

 Gendarmerie: 3943054
 Village Clinic: 3943724
 Municipality: 3944480
 Post Ofice: 3943461
 Gumusluk  3943253
 Gumuskaya  3886464
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Rabbit Island


Rabbit IslandIf you want to feel history under your feet you should visit the Rabbit island, which separates the two beaches of Gumusluk, Bodrum.

Rabbit Island is accessible by a partially antique sunken causeway, which was built during the hellenistic period.


Once upon a time the Rabbit island was a place which was visited by the King of Halicarnassos Mousolos and his beloved Artemisya. He had the causeway built in order to have access to the Rabbit Island to feed the rabbits living on this small island and watch the famous and unique sunset with his beloved Lady.


It is possible to walk to the island through the water since it is only knee-deep. You can climb up to the top of the island, take photos of the beautiful surroundings, sunbathe or dive into the clear blue waters of Gumusluk from the rock formations and swim above the ruins near the island.

Rabbit Island was named after the rabbits which once inhabited the island, and it is still possible to see rabbits running wild on the island.


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