All you want to know about Gumusluk, Bodrum

All you want to know about Gumusluk, Bodrum

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Important Phone Numbers

 Gendarmerie: 3943054
 Village Clinic: 3943724
 Municipality: 3944480
 Post Ofice: 3943461
 Gumusluk  3943253
 Gumuskaya  3886464
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How to go to Gumusluk?


Gumusluk is 60 km from the international Milas Bodrum Airport, 25 km from Bodrum, and 7 km from Turgutreis.

Gumusluk DolmusThere are mini buses going to all destinations from Bodrum bus station. So you can take the mini bus, dolmus in Turkish, going to Gumusluk. It takes about 50 minutes to get to Gumusluk.

Gumusluk Bay is about one kilometre from Gumusluk Village. If you are not sure where to get off and if you are not into walking on a hot summer day, don't hesitate to ask for help from the driver or other passengers.


If you have your own car or if you have chosen to rent a car, it is about 40 minutes drive from Bodrum. Drive towards Turgutreis and turn into Derekoy road to the right after you pass Gurece roundabout. The road will take you to Gumusluk.


 Gumusluk Map


For those who are looking for more detailed directions:

Go past Gumbet and Bitez junctions and keep driving towards Turgutreis.

You will see Metro Market and a roundabout with traffic lights.

Don't take the road to the right to Kipa and Yalikavak and keep driving straight to Ortakent.

There are two more junctions: Yahsi and Gurece.

After you pass the Gurece junction, at the top of a small hill, the road bends to the right and then shortly before Derekoy turn to the left. 

It is better to slow down and warn the drivers following you by signaling to the right without waiting to see the sign "Derekoy" on the right hand side.

GumuslukTurn right to Derekoy. After a few minutes drive on a narrow road with distinct nature views, you will reach Derekoy.

The road bends to the left in the village. After a few minutes drive, you will see Peksimet, a small village with scattered houses.

After you pass Peksimet, you will see Gumusluk. Follow the road down the hill, and you are in the Gumusluk Village now.

Shortly after the end of the village follow the road on the right to go to Gumusluk Bay.

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