All you want to know about Gumusluk, Bodrum

All you want to know about Gumusluk, Bodrum

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Important Phone Numbers

 Gendarmerie: 3943054
 Village Clinic: 3943724
 Municipality: 3944480
 Post Ofice: 3943461
 Gumusluk  3943253
 Gumuskaya  3886464
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Gumusluk Village


GumuslukGumusluk village, about 25 km from Bodrum and one kilometre from Gumusluk bay, is the centre of Gumusluk area with Gumusluk Council building, post office and local shops including hardware stores, pharmacies, butchers, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters that line the two sides of the street.

If you have chosen to stay at one of the Gumusluk holiday rentals instead of one of the Gumusluk hotels, you can do your small-scale grocery shopping from the small markets known as "Bakkal" in Turkish when you don't have time to go to big supermarkets, and you can buy daily necessities like bread, cigarettes, and newspaper.

There is a veterinary clinic on the left hand side when you follow the road in the opposite direction of Gumusluk Bay.

If you have a property in Gumusluk and need something for your Gumusluk villa, there are quite a few hardware stores and most of the time they offer better prices than big DIY markets.

At the local council building, the one with the Turkish flag, you can pay your council tax and water bill.


GumuslukOn Wednesdays, you can shop fresh fruit and vegetables in the open market bazaar (Turkish: Pazar). Gumusluk weekly market is located in a street on the right hand side from Gumusluk village towards Gumusluk Bay. You can easily spot the entrance by the crowd at the beginning of the street.


Some Turkish words you might need while looking for a shop:

ENGLISH                           TURKISH    

Gumusluk Council building : Belediye 
Post office                      : Postane
Hardware store                : Nalbur
Pharmacy                        : Eczane
Butcher                           : Kasap
Plumber                           : Tesisatci
Electrician                       : Elektrikci
Carpenter                        : Marangoz

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